The primary purpose of the Clinical Care Coordinator is to assist the Director of Nursing in planning, organizing, implementing, evaluating and coordinating exceptional care to residents in accordance to Foundation policies, Federal / State regulations and individual care needs. Facility rounds to assure care plans are posted appropriately and updated as needed. Assure that care cards are posted and up to date if in use in the facility. Maintains close communications with their resident care coordinators and other administrative staff. Routinely monitors completion of computer input MDS information, CAA summaries, and CAA keys by disciplines assists with inputting of all areas, including rehabilitation information as needed or in the absence of RCC or absence of other disciplines who would not be able to complete information in a timely manner. Provides quarterly training on a level of care appropriate to staff. Monthly monitoring to assure care plan list is distributed and families notified of care plan conferences works in conjunction w/ RCC or the designee. Facilitates care plan meetings. Attends facility department head meetings as needed and upon request of the administrative staff. Completes at least quarterly chart audits to assure the most current care plans and MDS information is in the chart. Maintains QI reports as assigned on a quarterly basis. Will rotate call every other weekend. Assist management and DON as needed, including working as a nurse on the floor. The Clinical Care Coordinator shall behave in a compassionate, professional manner consistent with the mission and objectives of CMH and perform other duties as requested or assigned.

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Bolivar, MO Citizens Memorial Healthcare
Bolivar, MO Citizens Memorial Healthcare
Bolivar, MO Citizens Memorial Healthcare